Working in the Government Legal Department

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a government lawyer? Watch our film to learn more. Temporary and permanent employees have full access to our free in-house training program accredited by professional development. This is developed by GLD lawyers and the wider state legal community to provide training and lectures that are both necessary and interesting covering the full spectrum of work done by the department and the state legal profession. We also work with Civil Service Learning to help our employees make the most of their extensive learning offerings, including management support. All of this supports our goals of providing unparalleled opportunities for interesting, varied, high-quality and challenging roles and helping our employees reach their potential. The special thing about working at GLD is to ensure that employees – wherever they work – are involved in advising the government on current events and making headlines every day. This opportunity to participate in our national life and serve the British public makes GLD a very real place to work. The Attorney General`s offices represent the state in civil litigation (both defensive and affirmative) and appeals; State AG offices also provide legal advice to government officials and authorities. Many public authorities have in-house lawyers specialising in rights within their area of competence, such as public health or transport, as well as in legal issues of general importance for the management of a public authority, such as employment and contracts. In addition, state legislators employ lawyers in positions comparable to those on Capitol Hill; Attorneys work as legislative assistants and advisors to members and as staff members for state Senate and House committees. GLD offers a variety of flexible working models to meet business needs, including working from home, compressed working hours, part-time, flexible hours, and other alternative models, such as part-time work. In addition, we have generous policies for maternity and paternity leave, parental leave and special leave for family emergencies, where lawyers and lawyers work for a number of clients. GLD`s lawyers work for only one client – the government of the day – who needed advice and support on a wide range of national and European issues.

We offer unique, high-level work that helps government govern well in accordance with the rule of law. Each year, GLD participates in the Public Survey, which regularly confirms that we are one of the departments with the highest score in terms of the overall engagement index, compared to other sectors of the public service. Managers take great care to ensure that employee engagement is a high priority throughout the year. Cities, towns, counties, school districts and school boards all employ lawyers. Large urban centers often have a city attorney, attorney, or business consulting firms that provide legal advice to city officials and represent the city in litigation (such as the attorney general`s office at the state level or the DOJ at the federal level). Many large cities also have in-house attorneys for municipal authorities, such as the local Civil Rights Commission or the city`s Child Protection Authority. Small municipalities may also employ municipal lawyers to represent and advise in litigation and legal advice on day-to-day matters such as personnel and zoning matters, as well as in the drafting and negotiation of laws, public contracts and real estate contracts. Our cross-divisional litigation, labour and commercial law panels provide specialized legal services to a wide range of government departments and public institutions. While previous experience or knowledge may be relevant to some of our roles, government work will likely involve a learning curve to gain legal skills and knowledge that are not required in private practice.

We help you gain the necessary expertise and have a successful CPD accredited in-house training program.