Wisconsin Department of Corrections Office of Legal Counsel

Students at the clinic will represent incarcerated clients serving excessive sentences. Students will work closely with their incarcerated clients to develop compelling arguments about why clients should be released from prison. Students can apply for release from prison through a variety of procedural mechanisms, including probation education, compassionate release (early release due to serious or life-threatening medical conditions), sentence adjustment (early release based on progress toward rehabilitation or “in the interests of justice”) or sentence modification (early release based on new information). available at the time of the The verdict was not known). Students develop their skills in interviewing, client advice, fact-finding, legal research, and oral and written advocacy. Thank you for visiting the website of the U.S. Attorney`s Office for the Western District of Wisconsin. On this page you will find press releases, information about our district, our office and what we do. At Legal Action, we believe that all people deserve access to basic human needs such as health care and safe housing, but many people face significant barriers that would be difficult to overcome without legal assistance. These barriers are particularly steep at the start of the school year.

Reintegration refers to the period during which people are released from detention and return to their communities. This period is often associated with complications in finding housing and employment, as well as difficulties in accessing basic services and resources. These challenges multiply for the many people who come into contact with the criminal justice system and have mental illness or physical disabilities. The Reintegration Legal Services Program represents incarcerated individuals who are about to be released from prison. We help you apply for disability, health care and other public benefits. In this way, we try to increase the economic stability of our clients, give them access to health care and reduce homelessness, relapses of criminal behaviour and other negative consequences. We receive referrals through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and work with clients before and after their release into the community. If you have any questions about this program, please contact Director Katie Alft. In spring 2023, LAIP: Second Look Advocacy will offer an intensive semester-long clinical experience taught by Professors Kate Finley and Renagh O`Leary. The spring clinic will accommodate a total of 12 students.

Students will enroll for six credits and meet their experiential learning requirements through the one-semester clinic. United States Attorney`s Office Western District of Wisconsin 222 West Washington Ave, Suite 700 Madison, WI 53703 Students in LAIP`s spring area meet twice a week for a clinical seminar. The clinical seminar will examine the causes and consequences of mass incarceration and discuss alternative approaches to punishment. Questions about LAIP for the spring semester 2023 can be directed to Professor Kate Finley (kate.finley@wisc.edu) or Professor Renagh O`Leary (reoleary@wisc.edu). The Reintegration Legal Services Program was formerly known as the Economic Security for Offenders with Disabilities (SDO) Project. We know that many incarcerated people are themselves survivors of trauma or crime. We try to break the false dichotomy of being called only “victim” or “perpetrator.” This binary narrative can dehumanize and stigmatize formerly incarcerated people, preventing them from healing and accessing the services they need. The Reentry Legal Services program aims to empower formerly incarcerated individuals and give them a path forward while building a stable life away from prison.