What Is a Legal Mailbox

I certainly hope you were able to fix this, but based on the note about placing the box in its original location, because this is an older house/neighborhood, wasn`t the original mailbox location on the wall next to your front door the original location? I`ve seen a lot of photos on social media of mailboxes locked with a red metal device and padlock. I wonder why that is and, if possible, a source of information on it. Thank you and have a good day. Our mail is usually delivered to the curb. We have young children playing in our driveway/front yard. To prevent vehicles from entering our driveway, we place bright orange cones above the entrance to our driveway. One day, our carrier USPS drove between the cones to deliver a package. Luckily, we were on a bike ride around the neighborhood. When we saw this, we stopped the delivery girl and told her not to come into the aisle because the kids were playing there. All she said was, “I didn`t see any children, so I drove between the cones.” He was then asked not to drive down the driveway. All other replacement suppliers park the vehicles on the street and go the packages on the porch.

Our carrier has decided that he will no longer deliver packages to us because he cannot drive down the aisle. Is that possible? Does a USPS carrier need to be able to drive down the aisle to deliver a package? Is it legal for a municipality to impose a moritorium on the development of a mailbox that requires the same person to rent a mailbox for the annual fee of $48? I am disabled and cannot afford these additional costs. I`m only about a mile or none from the post office and there`s mail delivery in every house around me. Even my next-door neighbor about 100 meters away. Thank you in advance for your attention. Hi Jerry, thanks for your comment. You will need to contact your local post office or postmaster to inquire about the location of your mailbox. You are the ultimate authority on postal routes in your area. Well done and good luck! Our neighborhood has a metal mailbox with several locks on the back for each house. I hate it, my mail is bigger than my box every day and my carrier stuffs everything.

Also, this box is in my yard and my neighbors come by my yard to retrieve their mail and complain when my sprinkler system is working when they want to access it. I want this removed from my garden and I want a normal single box. How do I proceed? Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when you place your mailbox: The rules for placing mailboxes on rural mail routes are different from those on urban routes. Boxes on rural roads are placed according to the travel line the carrier is to travel. Because your carrier`s payment is based in part on the “exact” number of miles traveled, the USPS guarantees that the number of miles on each route is minimal. Rural carriers do not work by the hour. Your payment is based on your itinerary assessment. While the following scenario rarely happens, an extra 1/10 mile can potentially increase a carrier`s salary by more than $1,000/year! It can also mean the difference between a carrier having to work 5 days a week or 6 days a week! Swiss Post takes the number of kilometres travelled on each rural road very seriously. For this reason, rural customers sometimes have to set up their mailboxes across the street. BUT.

If you, during the construction of your house or if the original owner was asked to place his box on his side of the street, the post office “cannot” have you put on the other side at a later date. In my experience as a freight forwarder and supervisor, most customers stick to it when asked politely. WHY WAS IT EVEN ASKED THAT MY BOX BE PLACED IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE? The answer is probably because when your home was built, it was one of the few in a larger community. I delivered to an area of one square mile and only had 5 houses. Today this area is TWO COMPLETE POSTAL ROUTES! In such regions, it is impossible to predict future growth, let alone where a mailbox should have been originally placed. NOW LET`S MOVE ON TO THE GOOD NEWS!!! Be happy to live on a rural road. While ALL postal customers can order next day stamps online, ONLY RURAL CARRIERS can deliver them in no time. 1) If you need one or two pounds of stamps, you can simply leave a check or money in an envelope, write whatever you want, and your carrier can fulfill your order the same day! 2) If you have a few letters (usually up to 6) that require postage, leave just enough money to cover the cost and your carrier will put the stamps on the envelopes. 3) If you have a package to ship, just leave a note in your mailbox and your carrier will pick it up.

Not sure about postage? If you think it could cost $5. Give your carrier $10 – they will arrange for your package to be shipped and send you back your change and a receipt the next day. THE MOTTO OF THE RURAL POSTMAN IS: “A POST OFFICE ON WHEELS”. I hope I have answered the original question and given a little insight into why some things are done the way they are. I put an 8″ pole with a heavy custom mailbox in a metal workshop buried 3 feet away in cement. Many cars were towed from my mailbox and many left their Ins. Co. information for me to recover my claim for damage to my mailbox. It was especially the ignorant, too fast and inattentive, who suffered the greatest damage and were towed.

Hi TJ, this is not good. I know nothing about the laws, but I would definitely contact both the complex and the manufacturer of the box. Our MailBoss locks have over 1500 unique key patterns/numbers. If it is one of our boxes, please contact us at the following address: Info@mailboss.com and we will be happy to sort you out! However, we don`t make bundled boxes (usually what you can find in shared apartments), so it`s unlikely that we`re the manufacturer of your box. Good luck! We have a mailbox mounted on the house and our carrier always came and delivered (most of the houses on our street are the same). We recently installed a front yard fence with a gate and received a message that we needed to move our box outside our fence. No other house on our street has its boxes outside their fences. Do we have to move ours? We live in a lively neighborhood. From all these dialogues, it seems that the postmaster is the absolute authority.