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And oddly enough, they made a British film about it, I think it was made for television, and the film was pretty good too. But you know that all that has disappeared from the scene, and when all other things are equal, I mention it to remind people that this is a very good novel. Yes. I think it`s a great novel. This is a trial and prejudice about Asian Americans in a small town in Washington State — again at a certain time and place. Here, too, there is a surprise at the end. Strange things happen to books when they become movies, and this great novel has not been turned into a great movie, and that has clearly diminished the reputation of the book. But it`s just a great novel, full of very nice characterizations – the journalist covering this trial and his older lawyer defending the case is a pretty remarkable character. He is old, helpless and thinks wistfully about sex, but his wisdom conquers the courtroom.

The novel is based on Brown`s experiences while enrolled at Stanford Law School. [1] See Guidelines for Writing About Novels. More suggestions can be found on the article`s talk page. Your novel or other book is protected by copyright as a literary work if it meets two criteria: The bestselling author of the legal thriller Presumption of Innocent tells us about his own favorite novels. It makes sense that the book began as a series of letters that author Amanda Brown wrote to entertain her friends when she was supposed to be watching in class at Stanford Law, where she eventually dropped out. She couldn`t really find a publisher for her novel, but Hollywood saw potential among these snobbery trucks and realized that all they had to do to make it a story they could sell was project that hatred onto the audience. We can hate Warner`s new fiancée in the impasse, precisely because she never takes revenge for the rejection of study groups and costumed lies. (In the book, Vivian is usually a little tired of Elle`s.) Legally Blonde is a 2001 American writer Amanda Brown[2][1] with a copyright notice to Brigid (Bridget) Kerrigan. [1] [3] [4] The novel served as the basis for the 2001 film Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon and its sequel Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003)[2] as well as the musical Legally Blonde (2007)[2] and the direct-to-video film Legally Blondes (2009).

Copyright in your book or novel is actually a group of exclusive rights: the right to make copies, the right to sell or distribute copies, the right to create derivative works based on your book, and the right to publicly display your book. There are several advantages to registering copyright on your book or novel: a literary work is protected by copyright as soon as the words are written, typed or otherwise recorded. Therefore, copyright protection for your novel begins as soon as you write it. I continue to talk about this book and I hope someone will reprint it; It is out of print, and that is why I mention it. First of all, it is a wonderful novel. It`s elegantly mapped out and it`s serious stuff – a lawyer in London who is celebrating his 40th birthday and approaching middle age. Obviously, some of the topics are similar to those in my own books, which probably increases my appreciation for them. He is dragged into an affair and. I don`t want to say too much and spoil it. In hindsight, it was a brilliant move on the part of the writers, as it would be impossible to get excited about Elle if she was as snobbish as she realistically would be as a beautiful, rich white woman. We know this because that`s exactly what she is in the 2001 novel of the same name, on which Legally Blonde is based.

The literary Elle Woods is manipulative, narcissistic, lazy, justified, and terribly critical. She doesn`t look like anyone: not her friends, who yell at her when they dare to pay attention to anything other than her and her recent breakup, although one of them demotes her to bridesmaid in her marriage just because she lost her tan after she didn`t learn all this, so they suck too. Not her ex-boyfriend Warner — she remembers with relish “mocking her political ambitions” whenever she had to “collapse a stake.” Warner actually reminds him when he breaks up with her that he “never said he felt that way”, suggesting that this whole love affair is in his head, adding a whole new scary layer to the plot. I think he`s a very good writer; I don`t think he`s Faulkner or Hemingway. Hemingway fundamentally changed the nature of American history; While his macho side has gone out of fashion, I think his novels will actually last a very, very long time — even though he may have created stereotypes that treat people with some contempt. Faulkner, I think, is considered by many, with great reason, to be the greatest American writer. His manner is unique and Faulkner`s depth at his best is pretty much unmatched. He`s an amazing, amazing writer and he goes on that short list, you know; he can get in the ring and fight Tolstoy.

Cozzens was not such a pioneering novelist. No, I don`t think it`s standard reading for anyone anymore, which is why I put it on the list. Cozzens was considered an important American writer in the mid-20th century and fell by the wayside in terms of public reputation. But it`s just a very, very good book about a small-town lawyer. It`s ultra-realistic, meaning it goes back to that time, when realist novelists believed their job was to depict only the so-called mid-range of experience that other people might call boring. But it`s a very beautiful book. It is a beautiful portrait of a time and place. If anyone really wants to know what it was like to be a small-town lawyer in the United States in the 1930s, people whose grandfathers or great-grandfathers were lawyers in a small town and want to know what their lives were like, I would say read this book. Do you see the novel differently from a lawyer`s perspective, perhaps in a way that another reader wouldn`t? If you have written a book or novel, you already have a copyright, but if you want to protect your work with the full force of the law, you must register it. Legal Blonde is also the basis of a series of young adult novels featuring the character Elle Woods, written by Natalie Standiford. [5] [6] Celebrities work hard to build and maintain a valuable brand.

Here are four strategies to protect celebrity brands that you can apply in your own business. but Book Elle didn`t even buy the books and deliberately cancelled the reading. She reads Vogue in class when she`s not making fun of teachers and students, along with the only other stupid asshole she could find. It`s unclear in the film if or why She`s allowed to have her dog in her Harvard dorm (it`s possible he`s a service animal), but Book Elle openly and knowingly violates campus pet policy and can`t believe it when she`s kicked out because of it. She rails against the “political correctness” of the “left” on campus. She is definitely a Trump supporter. Copyright protection exists for unpublished and published books. Discover more of the author`s books, see similar authors, read author blogs, and more Copyright protection is valid for the life of the author plus 70 years. Your book is protected by copyright once it is written, but to take full advantage of the copyright protection available to you, you must register your copyright.

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