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Because: If the sale of gold were illegal, companies like & Co. would no longer exist – but because they remain intact, even the legal experts of the gaming operators do not seem sure to win such a case. Which brings us back to the previous paragraph – the terms and conditions regulate this and as long as the figures are correct, nothing will change. Whales will ruin all moms. The company has one of two options to ban any gold sales or participate in p2w, and then you lose a large portion of the player base. You will have to take care of the whales because they are the ones who pay the most. You`ll have extremely inexperienced but extremely oriented players who expect you to have the same amount of equipment just to run a dungeon because they have no perspective as they skipped most of the progress by swiping their map. It has happened in other MMOs. Personally, I would like whales to just buy any skin if they really want to, but avoid buying gold or equipment. And now you know why Lootwowold is the best place to buy New World coins. Let`s go to lootwowgold to buy New World coins.

To reduce it to the essentials: You cannot and must not sell what does not belong to you. Server balance is also an aspect you need to consider when choosing a faction. If you choose the largest faction on the server, you can get more rewards at the beginning of the game. You also have a relatively slim chance of being selected for war or facing enemies in open-world PvP. If you choose one of the “outsiders”, you have the opportunity to unite against the larger faction. All you have to do is regain as much control of the area as possible and increase your guild`s advantage. If you plan to immerse yourself in the captivating content of the New World, it is undoubtedly positive that you aim to experience all its fun aspects: completing quests, joining a faction, participating in wars, mastering the classless system, going on expeditions, snatching epic loot, crafting, etc. However, there is one more thing, a luxury that will make you pursue it endlessly – gold coins. Especially at higher levels.

Gold in the New World is the currency to buy items and with empty pockets, your avatar will not take advantage of the facilities offered, nor will it be able to buy high-level items. Therefore, the topic of this editorial will deal with the nature of gold in the New World and inevitably answer your question: “Where to buy New World gold safely?” You should receive the data of large gold transfers (individually and consecutively) and then block the affected accounts. I opened a discussion with someone who was standing in starter gear in the middle of town and got “Please put your received code for consideration of the purchase”. Grrr. Legal within the meaning of the legislation? Can neither be affirmed nor denied. Even Blizzard ultimately didn`t pursue the path through the courts. Ultimately, it`s about whether a product is sold – which never changes hands – or how long it takes to earn it. The latter would not be illegal. So, while you can dedicate your time and effort to the game on the account you`re playing on, at the end of the day, you have no legal basis to sell any. Buy New World Coins – Secure New World Talers – iGVault With the New World Taler, players can purchase equipment, learn new skills and spells in the New World, buy pets, and learn riding and flying skills. If you want to sell New World Taler, New World Items, or if you have any other questions, you can add our Discord: iGVault-New World#0262 Son to the MMO. It takes time to grind and live in the world as it should.

If you`re legally allowed to swipe your card and catch up with everyone, it`s called Pay To Win. If you want stuff like that, there are plenty of other MMOs. Without digressing further, here are the most effective ways to earn gold coins in the New World – the conventional method at play. Lootwowgold .com`s long-term goal is to grow and become a global platform for trading gold suppliers. To break it all down, it`s one of my favorite uses of gold in the New World. Regardless of which faction you belong to, whether it is the Marauders, the Syndicate, or the Alliance, you can access other members of the society of that particular faction and donate gold. In simpler terms, New World businesses are synonymous with clans or guilds. This generous system of gold donations ensures the prosperity of all members of the company, so that everyone is ready for war and can defend themselves against invasions. Everything in the game is pretty simple – after all, it was released less than a month ago. Certainly, over time, we will see new uses for gold in the New World as new patches and updates are introduced. There`s no denying that Amazon Games has big plans. Not to mention that the developers would certainly be motivated by such a rapid early success of the game.

If you`re a newbie to New World, let me be clear here that, unlike World of Warcraft, there are no mounts in the game at the moment. You travel exclusively on foot and for fast journeys you have to pay Azoth. So travel companions are something you don`t have to spend gold on.